Our agency focuses on Stop Motion animated short films, TV Commercials, and music videos. Please enjoy our content.

Stop Motion Animation

We are excited to present you our own hybrid style of animation.

Animated Series

Our agency has produced quite some material, including complete series and TV commercials.

Music Videos

We collaborate with many artists, including very special ones in the music industry.


"CumpleaƱos Nerdos Comics" is a wonderful animated capsule that celebrates Nerdos Comics' 4th Year Anniversary.


Meet Mally, a short introduction to this sweet character.


FLAVIO has been our most ambitious project to date. It uses our own innovative technique of 2D and stop motion animation.

Dame tu amor

Award-winning music video created completely using the Stop Motion animation technique.


TRUKA Animaciones is a Stop Motion animation studio always looking to collaborate on a new and exciting project.
Our crusade started back in 2002, when director Afranio Vivas realized the potential and timelessness of this special type of animation. Looking forward to 2018, TRUKA Animaciones has grown as an agency. The experience and quality can be seen in the latest work displayed.

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Our Team

Get to know the TRUKA team. We love the arts, animation, films, and more!

Afranio Vivas

Director, Animator

Alexandra Vivas

Executive Producer

Javier Samaniego

Creative Specialist, Agent

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